On the Issues

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On the Issues

Public Safety, Not Politics

Stop using the DA's Office as a political launching pad. We’ve had enough podium press conferences and political prosecutions designed to promote the incumbent’s political career. I will focus on violent offenders and child molesters.

Transparency and Fairness

The District Attorney should be accountable to the public for the fair, impartial and cost-effective pursuit of justice. That means having defensible guidelines for which cases to prosecute, how resources are allocated, and how efficiently the office is administered.

Hands-on Leadership

The District Attorney is the leader of a prosecutorial team. Leadership means staying in touch with what’s happening on the front lines, including occasionally going to court and taking responsibility for a prosecution. I secured a life sentence in prison for a human trafficking pimp, earning the National Crime Survivor's Above and Beyond Award for the prosecution.

Stop Repeat Offenders

I will work to reduce repeat offenders, pushing back against Sacramento politicians whose catch-and-release policies are making our communities less safe. I will partner with community leaders to ensure everyone is treated fairly and focus on the most important task of prosecuting violent offenders and child molesters.

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